Vincent de Haan is a self-taught contemporary painter living and working in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. After having spent the first seven years of his childhood growing up in Durban, South Africa, he moved with his family to the Netherlands in the late 1990’s. With a strong analytical mind, he made the distinct choice not to apply for art school, but instead enroll for a bachelor degree in Applied Earth Sciences at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. After completing his bachelor’s, Vincent obtained a master’s in Hydrology and Hydrogeology at Stockholm University in Sweden. He then worked in the water sector for about two years, of which one year in Uganda. During these years of studying and working, Vincent would use his free evenings and weekends to paint obsessively. As it inevitably became more and more difficult to maintain a balance between working full-time in the water sector and painting, Vincent finally made the decision in 2019 to start pursuing a career as a full-time professional painter, a decision that is best described as coming home to himself.

Artist Statement

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had an intense desire to express my inner world with colors and shapes. When I paint, my thoughts stop and I try to let it all flow as naturally as possible. Through my subconsious and intuition I have a dialoge with the painting, and try to listen to subtle hints of where to take it next. Throughout the years the subject of my work has mostly evolved around the beauty and rhythms of the natural word, of which my nature-rich and adventurous childhood in South Africa laid the foundation. My more recent work, however, tells stories of our modern fragmented reality. Since the rise of the technological and digital revolution during the last decade, specifically the explosion of social media usage, the fight for our attention on the screen has led our societies to become increasingly fragmented and polarized. My ‘Reconstruction of the Self’ portrait series is in fact a visual representation of how our digital world is becoming increasingly interwoven with our real world, leading to the fragmentation and eventually reconstruction of the very fabric of our social societal structures. Are we headed into oblivion or utopia? 

At the heart of all my work lies the language of color. I use it for it’s powerful way of expressing raw emotion, mood and movement. I usually start a work with great surging washes of diluted paint, upon which intuitive short and abrupt marks are made in order to bring the subject matter to life. Finally, bolder colors are added to finetune the color balance and desired emotion state.


  • Store Du Nord 2019: Solo exhibition at the new hip mens clothing store Store Du Nord (23 Okt 2019 – present)
  • Doogan Records 2019: A four month solo exhibition (7 Sept 2019 – 7 January 2020) at the venue
  • ANIMA MUNDI International Arts Festival 2019: A group exhibition in a residentual palace in Venice (12 May – 5 July 2019)
  • Notting Hill Hotel 2019: A three month solo exhibition (30 March – 28 June 2019) organized by Fransastic
  • Nationale Kunstdagen 2018: Participation in the Netherlands largest art fair (9 – 10 November 2018)
  • Art Creates Water 2017: Millerntor Gallery presents the exhibition ‘Art Creates Water’, Kampala, Uganda, as part of the international Art, Music and Culture festival. Half of the profits went to water- and sanitation projects in Uganda.
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